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How To Easily Solve Digital Photo Printing Problems

What will you do if you have digital photo printing problems? There are some who say that we the common users make a mistake by doing searches and trying to fix such digital photo printing problems by ourselves because we could get things worse. Some say that the problem should be left to professionals. Well, I’m not accepting something like that and I think nobody should, if you have a problem with your digital photo printing, I find it normal to analyze the situation and try to solve it by y........ Read More

Canon Pixma Inside Out – The Ip4200 Photo Printer

So you might have already heard about the new Canon Pixma iP4200 that’s doing the rounds in the computer hardware industry nowadays. Everybody is reviewing it, including us. Canon has been keeping mum over the longest-lasting-photo-prints debate for sometime now. Possible explanations include the newly released Pixma iP4200, with built-in duplex printing; individual cartridges; two paper-input trays; easy operation; inexpensive; great-looking photos; and 100-year print life. Epson, the leadi........ Read More

Wedding Photos - Memories In Print

Wedding photos are a vivid reminder of a couple's wedding day. In essence, wedding photos capture the spirit and joy of that blessed day when the couple exchanged 'I dos'. Wedding photos commemorate the memorable events that took place on the couple's wedding day. Getting quality wedding photos is important for every couple in order to preserve the joyous events of their wedding day. A substantial portion of a couple's wedding expenses goes into the preparation and production of the weddin........ Read More

Guide To Digital Photo Printing On A T Shirt

Everyone knows you can go to the store and buy clothes whenever you want, but more and more people are finding it just as easy to make their own digital photo printing on tee shirts. It's not completely all simplicity, but it is rather easy to do if you know what you are doing. Digital photo printing on T Shirts is a process you can do with most inkjet printers using an iron-on transfer. Printer companies including Lexmark, Epson, Canon and Hewlett Packard can print to the special coated p........ Read More

Photo Printing Using Inkjet Technology

Penny postcards became popular in 1890 to 1917. These postcards were called such because they were mailed with a one-penny postage stamp. Penny postcards became very popular during this period that printers, businesses and photographers were always trying to find new and exciting subjects to capture in order to satisfy customers that were hungry for new ideas and art work to impress their friends or lovers. During this era photo studios employ women to color the photo postcards. But today, wom........ Read More

Journey – From Photographic Prints To Films

Photography has come a long way since the invention of the Daguerréotypes and the Calotypes. Photographic prints are as important to photography as is the camera. You can have the camera, the technology but if you can’t take a photographic print, you can’t see how the picture has come out. Though, with the advent of digital cameras, the use of photographic prints has been taken to the point of becoming obsolete. The Daguerréotype process involved the use of metal sheets and a positive s........ Read More

Choosing The Best Photo Printer

So you have your new digital camera and clicking away to glory anything and everything in sight. Now you want to print them and you need the best photo printers to print your fantastic photos. Let us talk about the various printers in the market and some tips on choosing the best photo printers. Most of the printers could easily be purchased under $500. While all of them have similar features, it is better to be aware of certain key features that determines their price and print quality. First ........ Read More

The New Wave Of Photography: Stock Images And Prints

Digital photography has opened up the field of photography in unprecedented ways. Today, a photographer no longer has to have access to or be a wizard in the darkroom. Instead, he or she needs to master the realm of digital imagery and computer photo manipulation. Because today's images are already in a digital format, it makes it that much easier to upload and transmit them. This has led to an increasing number of stock photography sites and has allowed those who need the services of a photogra........ Read More

V7 Digital Photo Printing

Photographs are a way of preserving a moment in our lives for the rest of our lives. Many of us have at least been tempted at the flashy array of photo printers which seemingly leap off the shelves at even the least tech-savvy. It surely seems old fashioned to talk about 35mm film and non-digital cameras in today’s day and age. To our children, cameras not so feature rich with LCD screens and built in Wi-Fi is as foreign as Atari. However, the innovation of home photo printing is bringing abou........ Read More

Getting The Most Out Of Your Photo Printer – For Less!

As many photo-printer owners would know, paper and ink costs can quickly exceed the cost of the printer. These six tips will help you get the most out of your photo-printer without leaving a hole in your pocket. Raise the Resolution: Any digital camera that is less than three years old can capture at least 1 megapixel of data with each shot. This is sufficient to print a good-quality 4 X 6-inch photo; a 2-megapixel image holds enough information to output a higher-quality print of the same dim........ Read More


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